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Clorox Won’t Have Enough Disinfecting Wipes Until 2021 – But Distilleries Are Stuck with Too Much Sanitizer

(Karen E. Segrave/AP Images for Clorox)

If you think that the disinfectant wipe shortage is going to end, think again.  According to Clorox CEO, Benno Dorer, Clorox won’t have enough disinfecting wipes until next year.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest cleaning products maker is in short supply of their popular cleaning and hygiene products.  Back in May, Dorer had said that he believed shelves would be fully stocked with wipes, again, by this summer.

There are other brands beside Chlorox, so we will all see if they are able to step up.

Meanwhile…  Once the pandemic hit and bars and restaurants closed, distilleries around the country changed their focus and began making sanitizer, but now they have a problem.  Now that sales of sanitizer have stabilized, distilleries are stuck with too much sanitizer.

Interesting side note:  Sanitizer sales have become more stable, surprisingly, while alcohol sales have also gone down.  So, many distilleries across the country are worried about their future.  

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