Children With Same-Sex Parents Are Socially Well-Adjusted  
Study:  Children With Same-Sex Parents Are Socially Well-Adjusted  

A study now finds that children and adolescents, who have same-sex parents, are just as well-adjusted as those with different-sex parents.

University of Cologne researchers looked at kids ages six to 16, 62 had same-sex parents, and 72 had different-sex parents.

The kids were compared regarding prosocial behavior, hyperactivity, peer problems, emotional adjustment, and general behavioral problems.

Study leader, Dr. Mirjam Fischer says, “The new findings clearly show that same-sex families have strong resilience strategies to protect their children from prevailing legal hurdles and societal rejection. For example, parents create an environment in which their children receive appreciation and recognition from others and where other same-sex families provide positive role models. However, it should not be necessary in the first place that parents have to develop these strategies.

Researchers say they recommend that research and policy makers move away from deficit-driven comparisons, between same-sex and different-sex families, and instead, support for same-sex families should build on their existing resilience structures and strengthen them further.

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