Chase Rice: ‘It Took Me 10 Years to Figure Out What I Really Want to Do’

Chase Rice’s album, I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go to Hell, is a tribute to his father and an “I’m Sorry” letter.

Rice told People he’d had “many regrets over the years.  I’m not a fan of the ‘no regrets’ thing.  I just don’t think that’s possible.  I’m a huge fan of redemption and changing your life because of those regrets.”

After ten years of partying, and breaking into the Nashville music business as a co-writer for Florida Georgia Line, Rice says he’s “trying to hammer down who [he] is.”  As for the most emotional song on the album, Rice says it’s “Life Part of Livin’.

If you love “Drinkin’ Beer Talkin’ God Amen,” it’s because Rice wrote and performed it before Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley went their separate ways from FGL.

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