Bad Valentine Ideas = ‘Phoning It In’:  Don’t Do Just THESE Things Today

Have you seen a survey of the most disappointing Valentines Day gifts?

Don’t want your Valentine to “FAIL“?  Keep these tips in mind:  Don’t buy something that looks last minute (because it is), or something too cliché – or anything “too thirsty.”

Here are the 10 most disappointing gifts (because you can just grab them at the last minute, really):

1.  Furry handcuffs, 34% would be disappointed.  Let’s just face it:  FURRY ANYTHING is beyond bad.

2.  Flowers (just in the wrapping, with no thought nor special vase nor delivery), 28%.  ***

3.  A heart-shaped box of chocolates, 22%.

4.  A funny card, 25%.  ***

5.  Lingerie, 24%.

6.  Champagne, 19%.  ***

7.  A love coupon book, 18%.  ***

8.  Perfume, 17%.

9.  Underwear, 15%.

10.  A serenade from you, 14%.

***  These are the gifts which could become SUCCESS, if you customize them a bit; like with a fancy vase or stemware, or you make the card or coupons yourself, based on YOUR RELATIONSHIP…

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