Are You an Anxious Sleeper?  Probably.

Turns out that, when we turn down the sheets, about two-out-of-three of us are not getting a good night’s sleep.

64% of Americans say they are restless sleepers.  Anxiety, or a snoring partner, top the list of the biggest causes of the tossing and turning.

Only 10% of the 2,000 Americans who were surveyed wake up feeling refreshed every morning.  One-in-ten get good shut-eye?  That’s it.

What about favorite sleeping positions?  42% prefer to sleep on their side, 18% sleep on their backs, and 17% like to sleep on their stomachs.

For those who experience soreness after they sleep:  Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are common complaints.

More people than we may realize suffer with teeth-clenching or grinding, during sleep, as well.

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