A Second Romance Novelist Runs from the Law…
Romance Author on the Run after Police Chase – What’s Going on with Romance Novelists?

A romance novelist has disappeared, two weeks before she’s supposed to show up in court.

Faleena Hopkins, who’s 52, allegedly led police on a 24-mile chase, after she parked on a road at Grand Teton National Park.

To end the chase, police used spike strips to deflate her tires.

Hopkins is supposed to appear in court, February 28th.  But she has been missing since January 30th, the day she was released from jail.

Hopkins is also known for trademarking the word “cocky,” in 2018.

This, after a year in which another romance novelist faked her own death, then re-appeared on her own Facebook account.  Her daughter had announced that she had passes…  then received an outpouring of support – and financial donations – from other novelists.  Now, one of those writers is suing the family to return the money.  Remember that crazy story?

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By the way, those are romance novels from authors who are not in any trouble at all.

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