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Would You Throw Shade on a Pan-Handler? Like, the Bad Shade…

Is this cold-hearted, or cool?

A guy in Bradenton, Florida, named Ryan Bray says he recently saw a guy panhandling, at a stop light.  To Bray, the guy didn’t look disabled in any way.  So, instead of giving him a hand-out, he offered him a JOB.

Bray said he’d pay the man $15 an hour, to do yard work… to help get him off the streets.  But the guy REFUSED the offer . . . started cursing at Bray. . . then kicked his tire, as he pulled away.

Ryan then drove home . . . made his OWN sign . . . and went back to follow the guy, wherever he went, as other people drove past.

Bray’s sign read, quote, “I offered him $15 an hour to do yard work for me, and he refused.  If we as a community stop paying them, they will leave our neighborhood.”  

Now, this is only Bray’s side of the story.  Fox 13 says a reporter tried to interview the panhandler about it, but he wouldn’t talk.  And:  The back of Bray’s sign was a poster for his remodeling business.

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