WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Put Down Your Phone for One Hour = Big Pay-Off
Study:  Cutting Your Smartphone Use by Just One Hour per Day Makes You Less Anxious, More Satisfied with Life, and More Likely to Exercise
Could you bear to cut your smartphone use down?
Researchers from Germany have found that cutting your smartphone use, by just one hour per day, helps you feel less anxious, more satisfied with life, and made them more likely to exercise.
Participants in their study, who used their phones for one hour less each day for the week-long experiment also reported reduced symptoms of depression, and lowered nicotine consumption.  And it was only one week.
Participants who abstained from using their phones completely, for the duration of the experiment reported that, after the study, they used their smartphones an average of 38 minutes less per day – even four months after the experiment ended.
Study leader Dr. Julia Brailovskaia says, “It’s not necessary to completely give up the smartphone to feel better.

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  • A study finds that even giving up an hour of smartphone use, per day, left participants feeling less anxious, less depressed, feeling more satisfied with life, and more likely to exercise than before
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