Woman Wants to Ask Co-workers to Stop Doing THIS
Woman Wants to Ask Co-workers to Stop Bringing Cake 
A frustrated woman took to Mumsnet to post an unusual grievance about her workplace:  Access to sweets.

The poster says she’s trying to watch what she eats, but the table of junk food makes it difficult.  “It is a job where you end up incredibly tired sometimes and I have little will power around chocolate,” she writes.  “I’d like to ask the team to save treats for an actual occasional treat.”

Some commenters tell her to have self-control, but others are supportive.  “They are of course entitled to bring in lots of sugary treats but it would be better for you, themselves and everyone if they limited this,” one writes.

I’m thinking it’s nice of her to feel out the idea, first, in the social media world…  But it’s not all about you, sister.  Sometimes you’ve gotta take some cake for the team, right?  LOL

Bite into a little more, here:  (mirror.co.uk)

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