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Study: U.S. Porch Pirates Steal 1.7M Packages Every Day

Porch piracy has reached a fever pitch in the U.S., where 1.7 million delivered packages are stolen every day.
The staggering number, revealed in a study by the New York Times, represents more than $25 million in lost goods. Leading the country in porch piracy is New York City, where approximately 90,000 deliveries disappear daily, the study reports. By comparison, the Denver Police Department reports about 700 incidents a year.
Another high-ranking city for package thefts is Washington D.C., where 1,846 incidents were reported in mid-November — which means the number will be a lot higher by the time the holiday season is over. The number marks a dramatic increase from 2018, when 1,546 thefts were documented for the entire year. About 15 percent of all deliveries in urban areas fail to reach customers because of package theft and other less frequent issues, like deliveries to the wrong house, according to transportation experts.
Amazon has launched a real-time tracking service so shoppers can arrange to be home when a delivery arrives. Here’s the complete story from NY TIMES.

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