See Jordan Davis Perform Live – Tonight at 7

Jordan Davis performs live, tonight at 7, our time (CDT).

He’ll play songs from his newly released EP, called Buy Dirt.  This includes hits like his current chart-topper, “Almost Maybes.”

Davis says, “I think these eight songs work really well together, just because they were created in such a close period of time I think I was in the same head space on all of ’em, and I got to cover one of my favorite John Prine songs to kind of kick this EP off.  But, yeah, (I’m) really happy with how all these eight songs kind of blend with what I was going through during the pandemic.”

We’ve got the link, here:  THE COUNTRY DAILY

On his official website, you can see how “Davis transformed himself from a Nashville newcomer into a countrywide chart-topper with 2018’s Home State.  Inspired equally by the old-school songwriters of his parents’ generation and the high-production dynamics of modern country radio, Home State was a once-in-a-decade debut, filled with fresh material — including the Number 1 hits “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” “Take It From Me,” and “Singles You Up” — that bridged the gap between the classic and the contemporary.

That unique sound owed its diversity to Jordan’s roots in Shreveport.  Raised by a family of songwriters (including his uncle, Stan Paul Davis, who wrote hit songs for Tracy Lawrence during the 1990s), he grew up in the cultural melting pot of northern Louisiana, within a day’s drive of New Orleans’ jazz clubs, Mississippi’s juke joints, and East Texas’ country saloons.  Music was everywhere, and Jordan happily soaked it up.”

Davis has summer tour dates set for Wisconsin and Iowa.

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