Rumors of a Feud Between Carly Pearce & Maren Morris…  Pearce Says THIS

Carly Pearce Squashes Rumors of Maren Morris Feud:  ‘Stop Making Something Out of Nothing!’

Carly Pearce is out to crush rumors of a feud which some claim she has had, with Maren Morris, since her professional collaboration with Ryan Hurd on a Tom Petty tribute project.  Morris and Hurd recently finalized their divorce.

Pearce took to social media to address the speculation, and clarify her relationship with Hurd, highlighting their professional collaboration and longstanding friendship.

Pearce’s candid response aimed to set the record straight and refocus the conversation on the music itself, garnering support from fans and followers.  “Okay.  Since I have seen this all over, I figured I would respond.  Ryan has a been a friend of mine for over 10 yrs.  I was asked by my label to record this song with him, for the Petty tribute, and of course I said yes because he’s a great artist.  STOP making something out of nothing!” Carly wrote on Instagram.

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