Reba McEntire recently did something nice that was for a good cause.

At a recent charity event, she literally gave away the dress off her back.

She told the story and said, “I was the emcee, and I was wearing this beautiful gown that Johnathan Kayne made for me.  It was beautiful, and had big bell sleeves.  So I auctioned off a dinner to whoever wanted to go have dinner with me, and after that, I said, ‘Does anybody want this dress?’  Of course, the women kinda perked up, and they said, ‘Yeah.’

Reba confirms that the dress went for $150,000.   Lucky charity!

She adds, “I had to go change clothes.  I had to get my jeans on.  Because…the woman who bought it, I know her, and she said, ‘No, I want it tonight.  I don’t want you to take it home and dry clean it — I want you to give it to me now.‘”


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