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Parental advisory: Luke Bryan reveals what to do if your kids are singing “Knockin’ Boots”

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Luke Bryan‘s dance-themed music video for “Knockin’ Boots” seems to imply his latest hit might be about fancy footwork. Most adults, however, realize that “knocking boots” is a euphemism for a completely different kind of choreography.

So did the Georgia native ever worry that “Knockin’ Boots’ might be too in-your-face?

“You go back and listen to ‘Tight Fittin Jeans’ — Conway Twitty — in the… early eighties,” Luke suggests. “I mean, it’s not as naughty as that, in my opinion. So you know the fact that we’re… 35 years down the road, I just think it’s fun.”

“You know, I think if you really get heady with what the subject matter is,” Luke continues, before trailing off. “I mean, it doesn’t bother me. I just think it’s big ol’ summer fun.”

Luke learned early on his music may not be entirely appropriate for the younger set.

“Are kid’s gonna be singing ‘Knockin’ Boots?’ Like my boys, yeah, they’re singing it,” he admits. “But you don’t have to go into it, just let them have fun with it.”

“My first single was ‘All My Friends Say,’” he recalls, “and I went and performed at my niece’s third grade class. And yeah, I realized about midway through ‘All My Friends Say,’ yeah probably not the song you break out in the third grade… But hey, they turned out all right.”

So did Luke’s first new music since his 2017 What Makes You Country album. It’s currently a top-five hit.

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