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Missing Toddler Found: Cruising His Toy Tractor to the County Fair

You wanna see what’s going on at the fair, so you grab your wheel and ride on over.  But not if you’re two-and-a-half years old…  unless you’re THIS little guy.

A frantic Minnesota family called police, Thursday, to report that their son was missing.  Fortunately, he was found, right away.

The Chisago (a lot like Chicago) County fair was a block from his house.  The little guy wanted to go, so he hopped on his battery-operated John Deere toy tractor, drove a block away, to the fairgrounds, then through a hole at the fair’s gate.

He continued to drive, through a massive crowd, to watch motocross races, then stopped at the Tilt-A-Whirl, where he hoped to hop on.

Luckily a former Islanti County deputy realized the boy was at the fair alone, and reached out to area police, who were able to reunite him with his relieved parents.  The boy’s father has ended his son’s country joyrides by taking out the tractor’s battery.

[Wouldn’t it be cool if Jason Aldean (“Big Green Tractor”) or Kenny Chesney (“She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”) or John Deere reached out to this little guy?  LOL  ~ Mo]

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