Heard Hog-Hollering at the State Fair?  Here Comes ‘Husband Calling’
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Iowa Husband-Calling Contest Goes Viral

You may have heard of duck-calling, but have you heard of husband-calling?  It’s real.  And, if you’ve ever had to hurry your beloved into the car or out of the bathroom, you might be a husband-calling pro.

The practice has generated some big buzz, after footage of the 2017 Iowa State Fair event went viral on TikTok.  Video shows women stepping up to the mic, and demonstrating how they summon their husbands.

Roy!  Royy!  Can you hear me?  You get yourself in here right now.  Come on!  You know you’re gonna be late again and you know that I want to get there on time,” called 2017 winner Bonnie Swalwell Eiler.

The video posted by @_rhinestonecowboy currently has over 16.5 million views.

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