“…P?”   Yep, VP.  Former Lion Barry Sanders Asks Garth Brooks to Run With Him  😉


NFL Hall of Famer Barry Sanders has weighed in on the mix-up over Garth Brooks‘ jersey, inviting the country music legend to be his vice president.

The former Detroit Lion presented the tongue-in-cheek invitation, Friday afternoon, on Twitter:  “Hey, Garth Brooks!  Want to be my VP?”

Shortly afterward, the Lions’ PR staff got in on the action, posted a fake campaign ad for Sanders and wrote:  “He’s got our vote.”

The posts were in response to a controversy, which had erupted earlier in the day, online, after concert pics of Brooks wearing a Barry Sanders’ number 20 jersey appeared in social media.

Some of the singer’s Republican fans mistook the name for Bernie Sanders, believing the “20” referred to the election year.

Even if Brooks did support Bernie Sanders, is it appropriate for his fans to criticize him for it?

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