FRISKY FRIDAY FOUR-PERCENT:  That’s How Many Guys Will Qualify to Donate, Um, This
Study:  4% Of Men Who Apply to Be Sperm Donors Make the Cut   

What is the acceptance rate for men who are trying to donate sperm to a fertility clinic?  Just under 4%.

A study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, examined 11,700 hopeful men, as they applied to offer their sample.  It determined that only 3.8% made the final cut.  Rather, round.

However:  55% of potential donors ghosted.  They either withdrew applications, stopped responding, or stopped showing up to appointments.

And:  17% were rejected for medical reasons, like a genetic disease or incurable contagious disease.

11% were declined due to poor sperm quality.

Sperm donation is a regular commitment, with lots of screening and regular testing as well as lifelong implications for the donor if any children are born from their sample,” lead researcher Allan Pacey said.

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