FRISKY FRIDAY FAREWELL:  Older Americans Divorcing More – Here’s WHY
Study:  Older Americans Are Getting Divorced Much More Often Now
Is it about the Frisky?  Not necessarily.  But that may be a “side benefit.”
A Bowling Green State University study reveals that divorce rates have tripled – for those who are 65 and older.  Meanwhile, divorce rates among younger adults are falling.  

These Baby Boomers may be divorcing as their children reach adulthood.  And they would be known as “Boomer Babies.”

I think more and more couples have some appreciation for this idea that it’s better for the kids’ sake to remain married, that your kids are more likely to flourish in school and in life if you remain married,” Brad Wilcox said.

He also noted that years of addiction or abuse can also take their toll, causing one partner to want a divorce, even after many years.  Adultery may also factor in.

Sometimes it’s a matter of learning one’s true orientation, after years of uncertainty or fear or secrecy.

Some members of this generation may have married due to social pressures which aren’t as present, today.

(Find a little more filing, here:  NY Post)

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