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FRISKY FRIDAY FACTS: How Many Younger Men Are Attracted to Older Women?

60% of Younger Men Are Attracted to Older Women       


There’s a dating site for older women looking for younger men called – and they say that 60% of younger men, of any age, will be attracted to mature and older women.  Among that group, 34% in their early 20s prefer to date women who are five to 10 years older than them.

And the site says there are four main reasons:  Less drama…  Mature women have more experience when it comes to everyday life.  They are often achievers, with advanced experience in their work fields and careers.  They can pay for stuff, too.  LOL

Older women have often found their way in the world, and know how to be self-sufficient, independent.  And they have refined their personalities and social skills, which makes them more likely to be self-assured and confident.


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