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FRISKY FRIDAY F-UP: Husband Shot by Wife’s Boyfriend – Who Was Secretly Living with Them

A Man Was Shot By His Wife’s Boyfriend, Who Was Secretly Living in Their Home


It’s hard enough to keep your story straight when you’re working TWO different relationships…  And it’s even harder, when you’re all under the same roof – and doing meth.

A woman in Creola, Alabama, named Tracy Reeves, told her husband, Frank, that there was an INTRUDER in their home, this past Sunday night.

At some point, chaos ensued, with the intruder shooting Frank in the chest, and Frank retaliating, by shooting the intruder in the lower leg and elbow.

But the other guy wasn’t really an “intruder.”  He was Michael, Tracy’s side-piece.  They’d been dating for more than a year, and recently she’d been secretly LETTING HIM STAY in their house.  She was even providing him with food.

It’s unclear why she told Frank that Michael was an intruder, but the cops later said that she was so high on meth that they couldn’t even interview her.

Frank and Michael were rushed to the hospital, and their condition is unknown.  Michael is facing assault, gun, and drug charges.  Tracy hasn’t been charged with anything yet.

More on the story:  (NBC 15 News / Fox 10 /

A man in Alabama was shot by his wife’s boyfriend on Sunday.  She’d been secretly letting the guy stay IN THEIR HOUSE . . . where she was also doing meth.  The boyfriend is facing assault, gun, and drug charges.

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