Do People in the Service Industry Get Back at Rude Customers?  Yes.  Here’s How…

Someone asked people in the service industry how they get revenge on rude customers.  Responses include under-blending smoothies, so chunks get caught in their straw . . . “crop dusting” customers . . . and serving decaf instead of regular.


The pandemic should be reinforcing the idea that service staff are incredibly important.  But apparently some people haven’t gotten the memo.

So on Sunday, someone on TikTok asked, “What’s something you’ve done to a customer after they’ve been RUDE to you?”  Here are some highlights . . .

1.  Someone who works at a juice bar said they under-blend people’s smoothies, so the “little chunks block their straw.”

2.  Quote, “As a deli worker, when a customer is being a Karen, I squish the cheese together after I slice it.  So it’s impossible to separate later.”

3.  Someone who works at a hotel said that if someone doesn’t tip after he helps with their bags, he’ll call them in the middle of the night.

4.  A barista said that if someone’s rude, they’ll secretly give them DECAF instead of regular coffee.

5.  A server said that when rude customers ask for butter, he gives them cold butter, because he knows it’ll rip up their bread.

6.  Another restaurant worker said that when someone’s rude, they’ll get “crop dusted.”  We’ve heard flight attendants do it too.

There’s more, here:  (BuzzFeed)

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