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Dentists Warn Against Vampire Fang Halloween Hacks on TikTok

You really shouldn’t mess with your teeth, at Halloween or any time.  Keep ’em healthy, like the pretty lady in this picture.

Popular TikTok personality Whitney Kait (@muawk) recently posted a video of herself, appearing to have a panic attack, while trying to remove fake vampire fangs from her teeth…  then realizing they will not come off.

In a follow-up post, she admits she used nail glue (it’s like super glue) to attach the fangs to her teeth.

Illinois-based dentist Dr. Julie Davis (@juliedavisdds) posted a response video, telling Kait, “Be really careful until they fall off or a dentist removes them.”

Another Michigan-based dentist, Dr. Zainab Mackie (@drzmackie) posted a video, telling people not to use nail glue on their teeth as “It’s poisonous and won’t come off,” and instead advises that anyone who thinks it’s ok to use  acrylic nails as fangs (which is a choking hazard), should use denture glue as an alternative, since it is safe and easy to take off (designed for the mouth).

Bite into more, here:  (Yahoo)

  • Dentists on TikTok say NEVER use nail glue (it’s like super glue) to attach fake fangs to their teeth, and instead advise people use denture glue or orthodontic wax to attach fangs