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Cicadas….good for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

I have been known to eat just about anything, I’m not to picky just keep onions out of it and yep I will give it a try. I will even give the more exotic treats a go, at least once, so with a bumper crop of Cicadas expected this year I’m sure your hearing about Cicadas Recipes! I know what your thinking… but…. if they are too loud, you might change your mind and decide to get even.

Even if it’s a no go for you… there are others who do and will enjoy them on the dinner table, if you want to put a little “BUZZ” in your menue check out the link below and get to it.

Hungry? Cicadas are on the menu and that has some foodies buzzing. Click Here.

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