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Banana-Targeting Fungus May Cause ‘Apocalyptic Scenario’ for the Fruit

If you love bananas, brace yourself, An apocalypse is coming! Bananas in Latin America are said to be facing an “apocalyptic scenario due to a fungus.
Fusarium oxysporum, or Tropical Race 4 has been found by the Colombian Agricultural Institute and has caused the government to declare a national emergency.
Farmers were instructed to destroy all crops where TP4 was discovered and to quarantine the plantations.
All bananas including Cavendish are being affected, Cavendish is the most widely grown and eaten bananas in the world. TP4 is dangerous because it can lay dormant for years before discovered and is spread through the soil, no fungicides or fumigants can contain TP4 making it impossible to get rid of. Here’s the complete story from FOX NEWS.

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