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You’ve Heard of Dutch Ovens? TRAUMATIZING, They Now Say.

You can remember the worst, stankiest smells ever to tickle your nose, can’t you? That milk–you weren’t sure it was spoiled til you stuck your shnoz in there, now you wished you hadn’t. There’s a reason those scarring moments are so memorable, according to a new study out of New York University.

Example: if you’re studying for a test, and you’re burning some incense, you won’t remember the information as well as if you sit in garbage! It’s the BAD smells that do the trick, but why?

Researchers say it’s because the bad smell triggers the trauma centers in our brains, and when those are activated, we’re sharper and our memories are stronger!

This is NOT permission from us to pull the ol’ dutch oven on your sweetie at home–that’s not really how you want to be remembered, is it?

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