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Your Valentine Doesn’t Have to Cost Much to Be Lovely

It’s true.  Your valentine only has to show that you care – or show how much you do.  So, if this year’s budget it hurting a bit, try any of these simple ideas – make one your own.  Here are 5 Easy Ways to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER on your Valentines.

  1.  Thrift Store Savvy:  A pretty jar or picture frame can be bought for so very little, but dressed up to look very nice!  Decorate a vase or a jar or something nice with a sweet written sentiment or a picture of you both.  Perhaps it’s from a fun shared experience.  Fill up a nice container with favorite candies or movie tickets, or a link to a song.
  2.  Online Overture:  Create a really fancy email, with a favorite song link in it, pictures…  whatever feels right.  Or, make a little video and send it.
  3.  Festive Flowers:  Don’t have to be roses…  They can be paper daisies, or noodles glued to a poster, or whatever you want them to be.  Fingerpaint could be fun!
  4.  Experience Matters:  Create a coupon (via email or construction paper!) which is “redeemable for a Valentine experience;” then, be prepared to deliver – whether it will be a dinner you will cook or a date you will host.
  5.  Game On:  Make the whole day fun, by doing something silly.  Be “Valentine Pirates,” and speak with a pirate’s accent all day.  Or, require that you each say the word Valentine when you respond to each other, or one of you “loses,” and must provide the massage instead of receive it.  Adapt almost any game to your Valentine game plan!

No matter what, simply show your love with your effort and creativity.  These ideas are my Valentine gift to YOU!  ~ Love, Mo

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