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You’ll Ask for Help or Advice THIS MANY Times in Your Life – Mostly from MOM

A survey reveals that the average person will ask for help or advice 6,000 times in their life; and has 31 different people they’ve turned to…  This Mothers Day weekend, it’s good to know that Mom is #1.

Here’s a great reminder of how we depend on each other more than we might realize:  A new survey shows that you’ll ask for help or advice, more than 6,000 times, in your life.   That’s an average of twice per week, or 104 times, each year.

The average adult turns to 31 different people, for that help.  Mom and Dad are high up on the list…  Just over a third say their MOM is the #1 person they’ve gone to for advice, and 13% say it’s Dad.

Half of us have also turned to Google for advice, and 43% have watched a YouTube video.

Here are ten topics and the person we’re most likely to look to, for an assist, with each:

1.  Relationship advice – our friends.

2.  Financial advice – Dad.

3.  Career advice – our partner or spouse.

4.  Cooking advice – Mom.

5.  Car advice – Dad.

6.  Tech help – our partner or spouse.

7.  Parenting advice – Mom.

8.  Help buying a home or moving into a new place – Dad.

9.  Advice when someone’s sick – Mom.

10.  Fashion advice – our friends.

Gain more insight, here:  (SWNS)

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