You Can ‘Catch’ a Cavity by Kissing?  Yup.  Dentist Says.  Here’s Why.
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Dentist Is Blowing People’s Minds by Reminding Them That Cavities Can Be Contagious by Kissing
A dentist has shared a post on TikTok – and it has gone viral – for reminding people that cavities can spread between people who kiss.

Dr. Tasneem Mahmood shared the clip which has the words “Thinking about that kiss I gave my husband even though he has cavities” over the screen, and in the caption she wrote, “And that’s on cavities being contagious” along with an emoji of a germ.

The Houston-based dentist told Insider the information is not meant to discourage anyone from kissing and added, “Having cavities is not a moral failing [nor] should it be used to judge how good a person or partner is.  Plus, let’s not forget that cavities are often the result of not brushing and flossing daily, though research suggests some people may be genetically predisposed to getting them, regardless of immaculate dental hygiene.  The takeaway message from all of this is: practice good oral hygiene, and you’ll have great control and be on the safe track.”

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  • A dentist has made a now-viral TiKTok post reminding everyone that kissing someone with cavities can make you get cavities due to the bacteria in that person’s mouth
  • But she also noted that the info isn’t meant to discourage anyone from kissing, and that the take-home message is “practice good oral hygiene” as that is the best way to avoid cavities
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