Yes! There Is a Hank Williams IV. He Just Released a Debut EP

Hank Williams Jr. is a Country Music Hall of Famer and was Hank Williams’ only son. Through Bobbie Jett, we also know about Jett Williams, Hank Williams’ daughter. Is there a third descendant of Hank Williams from a semi-incestuous relationship with Marie McNeil?
The answer is maybe. Hank Williams may have had a second son named Lewis “Butch” Fitzgerald. Butch is Hank’s cousin Marie McNeil’s son, so there is a blood relation.

Ricky Fitzgerald is Lewis “Butch” Fitzgerald’s grandson. Butch and his grandmother raised him. Ricky Fitzgerald loved Hank Williams’ songs from the age five and sang them often as a young performer. He was soon called “Hank Williams IV.”

Now in his early twenties, Hank Williams IV has released his debut EP called Honky Tonk Habit. This time, the EP features original songs written and sung in the original Hank Williams style. The standout track is “Hank Williams Ghost.” Co-written with Arthur K. Greene, Hank Williams IV addresses the controversy surrounding his bloodline and his decision to use the Hank Williams name. He also discusses his mission to preserve the songs and style of Hank Williams.

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