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Yeah, but is it “self-igniting manure” hot today?

Sure, it’s been in the 90’s this last week, and it’s supposed to hit 91 degrees and steamy in Chicago today, too! BUT: is it an “improperly managed pile of manure self-ignites” day, that’s the REAL question…

It’s so hot in Spain that manure reportedly self-ignited and caused a major wildfire! 

Europe is currently under an intense heat wave.  Firefighters in Spain are currently battling a 10-thousand acre wildfire in north-east part of the country near Tarragona. 

Authorities said an “improperly managed” pile of manure self-combusted due to the intense heat. So far, the fire still hasn’t been contained and about 50 people have been evacuated.

There’s a bright side anywhere you look closely. It’s not THAT hot today, right?

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