Ya Think?  New Report Suggests Americans Aren’t Very Happy

We’re not even in the top twenty happiest nations, any more.  That American smile has turned upside-down, to a frown.

Gallup has released its 2024 World Happiness Report – and Americans are, now, nowhere near the top of the list.

The U.S. ranks 23rd.  We’ve dropped out of the top 20, after we had hit #15, last year.

Much of that decline is due to the fact that, especially since lockdown, Americans who are under the age of 30 feel less satisfied with their lives.

Rankings are based on factors like life expectancy, economy, social support, and freedom.

Who’s happiest?  Finland ranks #1 on the list, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Israel.  However, that data was collected last year; so the Israeli standing may change, for next year’s summary.  

Way to go, Scandinavia.  Viking smiles, all around.  Their social policies and practices may offer some clues.

Why do you think Americans are unhappy?

What’s the biggest change we could make to help Americans feel better about their lives?

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