Wynonna Judd Still Still Struggles with This – Since her Mom, Naomi Passed

It’s popcorn…  But it’s more serious, and more sad than just that.  I think any one of us, who has dealt with grief – and still does.  Sometimes it’s the little things…  They bring on the big feelings.

Wynonna Judd has opened up to Vulture, on life since her mom’s death – and its specific struggles.  Even a country music Hall-of-Famer is still human.

She shares that she is still healing.  Wynonna said, “Nights are difficult for me still because, after the show, Mom and I would sit up in the front of the bus, look out the windshield, and eat popcorn.  So, I tend to have a struggle with carbs at night, because of her.  I think about the comfort of sitting with her up in the front of the bus.”

She added, “It’s quiet.”  The “Tell Me Why” songwriter explained.  “I travel with two dogs, to help me with the loneliness, that missing piece of the puzzle… because she’s no longer there.

Wynonna is on tour, now – what was supposed to have been the Judds Farewell Tour, together.  And she is about to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her career.

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