‘Wrecked Me’ – Lady A’s Dave Haywood Reveals Which Tim McGraw Song Got Him
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Lady A’s Dave Haywood recently spoke about songs which make him get emotional.  And the singer/songwriter singled out Tim McGraw’s ’90’s hit,  “Don’t Take The Girl.”

“‘Don’t Take the Girl’ wrecked me, the first time I heard that.  I mean, the music video and the song, the story.  I miss stories in country music a lot, and they told so many great stories, I think, in the early 90s in their music,” said Haywood.

Hillary Scott chimed in, to add the song which always makes her want to cry, although she said there are a lot of songs that make her emotional.  But it’s their own song, “Ocean,” which does it for her.  Scott says, “when I heard it [Ocean] and it was Sarah Buxton singing the demo, it just slayed me.”

Lady A’s latest song is “What A Song Can Do.” What song makes you emotional?

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