Scientists Create a Vegan Cheese Algae, Say It Tastes and Looks Just Like a Cheddar

Scientists have created a new, vegan cheese out of algae.

Designed by a Singapore-based company, the creators say it mimics traditional cheese with a “tangy, taste profile that bursts with umami,” just like cheddar.

And it’s packed with B vitamins.  Microalgae are also an excellent source of amino acids, fatty acids, other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The company says, “We will use local food waste, and limited amounts of water to produce microalgae protein within metropolitan areas in many parts of the globe.”

The cheese is specifically made with Sophie’s Bionutrients’ microalgae milk, which starts off as micro-algae protein powder, which is then homogenized with water to create the dairy-free milk alternative.

There’s more, fermenting, here:  (Daily Mail)


  • A company has created a dairy-free, vegan cheese from microalgae “milk”– they say it tastes just like a variety of cheddar cheese
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