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Would You Subscribe to a Taco Service? A Taco Per Day, 30 Days, 10 Dollars…

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Taco Bell is testing out a 30-day taco subscription service at selection locations in Tucson, Arizona.

Available exclusively through the Taco Bell app, each “Taco Lover’s Pass” allows the holder to redeem up to one qualifying taco per day, for up to 30 consecutive days.  So, that sounds like you’ve got to grab the particular taco which they assign for that day.

The monthly charge for the pass ranges between $5 and $10, depending on the pickup location.

Each pass is active on the day of purchase and expires 30 days after purchase.  Month to month is the plan.

It’s not clear if it’s transferrable, so that you could give one to a kid or a friend.

Devour more, here:  (Chewboom)


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