Would You Eat 3D-Printed Desserts?  
Well, it IS dessert…
But here’s the real question:  Are 3D-printed treats the future of food?  

Columbia University scientists have created cheesecake with a laser and edible food inks, including graham crackers, peanut butter, Nutella, banana purée, strawberry jam, cherry drizzle, and frosting.

Multi-tiered structures could help people customize the taste and nutritional value of their food.  And that means that 3D food could be highly customized…  think in terms of high-tech “recipes,” which make rules about gluten, or vitamins, or such, becoming included or excluded.  Preservation (shelf-life) could be extended.

Additionally, less human handling could lower risk of food-borne illnesses or disease transmission.  Nice.

Got a taste for more?  Sample some, here:  (Study Finds)


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