Would You Believe an Actual Music Teacher Told Chris Janson He Was ‘Stupid’?

…But He Used Its Horribly Negative Impact to Positively Impact his Music Career

Maybe you didn’t know:  Chris Janson has played music since he was a kid; and he’s made money from his performances since the age of nine.  “When I was a kid, I was in music class, and I flunked in music.  This is going to blow you away — the music teacher told me I was ‘stupid.’  She used the word, ‘stupid,’ because I couldn’t read music and I still can’t read music to this day,” shares Chris.

While calling a child “stupid” should never happen in school (or anywhere), it’s quite possible that Janson’s teacher could feel a little “stupid,” herself, now; since Janson has accumulated several number one records and awards.

Something I don’t like in general is when people make rules for other people just because they can,” says Janson. “Everybody has their own way of doing things in life.  Whether you write songs different, whether you sing different, whether you look, talk , walk, act, wherever you come from different — everybody’s different, man.”

Where you talked down to in school, and now you’ve gotten the last laugh?

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