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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Work Shift Out of Sync with Your Body Clock May Hurt Your Heart

It’s real life heartbreak:  Shift workers experience a higher risk of heart issues, than people who work consistent hours – so finds a new study.

European researchers have found that, for every hour the natural body clock is out of sync with a person’s work schedule, the risk of developing a heart health issue increases, by 31-percent.

Study author Dr. Gamboa Madeira explains, “Circadian misalignment occurs when there is a mismatch between what your body wants (e.g. to fall asleep at 10 p.m.) and what your social obligations impose on you (e.g. work until midnight).”

This misalignment is referred to as “social jetlag.”  And researchers have found a higher level of this is associated with greater odds of being in the cardiovascular high-risk group.

Madeira adds, “The findings suggest that staff with atypical work schedules may need closer monitoring for heart health.”

There’s more, here:  (Daily Mail)

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