WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Work from Home?  Try a ‘Fake Commute’ – Here’s Why
Study:  Fake Commute Might Be Good for Remote Workers 
Many of us have dreaded the morning commute, for years…  But the trek may be good for us.  It offers mental health benefits.  So, if you work from home, or away from HQ, you might consider a short ride.  

A study from Wayne State and Rutgers University has now found that commuting creates “liminal space.”  This lets your brain shut off those work-worries and recharge a bit.  These recharges help prevent burnout.

Longer commutes might give people more time to detach and recover” with music and podcasts, researchers said.  However, this benefit only applies to non-stressful commutes.  Rail commuters enjoy some of the biggest benefits, because they’re not driving.  But not too many of us will take a train ride, simply to read a book or “faux commute.”

But, if you’re a remote worker, you might want to consider a little fake commute, like a short walk at the beginning and end of the workday, or a quick run to get coffee.

Taking a scenic route to avoid tense traffic might also be helpful for in-person workers.

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