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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: What’s Making Us Less Productive while Working from Home?

What’s making you less productive when you’re working at home?  According to a new survey, the top three things people blame are:  The other people in their home . . . distractions at home . . . and not having the right tools or equipment.


More people than ever are working from home, and a lot of time that means longer hours – which is likely because of lower productivity.  So, what causes it?  Distractions.

In fact, the average person’s workday has been 48-and-a-half minutes longer since the pandemic started, according to one study . . . mostly because working from home means more after-hours emails and video or phone conferences.

So here’s making us less productive at home:  According to a new survey, the top three things are

  1.  Other people in your home . . .
  2.  Distractions at home . . . whether that’s laundry, pets, food, or other home matters . . .
  3.  Not having the right tools or equipment.
  4. Pets make the list, as well [Though, another new study shows that we’ve gotten closer to our pets because of the crisis – 72% of pet owners say they couldn’t have gotten through it without the little friends].

But even if we’re less productive, 79% of us think we can keep on working from home, for the long term.

The survey also reveals that six-out-of-10 of us say one of the biggest things we miss about being in an office is getting to print personal stuff on the company printer.

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