WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Ten Ways You’re Most Likely to Get Struck by Lightning
Cloud to Ground Lightning thunderstorm strike on the horizon with clouds

Summer in Chicago means storm season; so, be careful about lightning, if you’ll be outside quite a bit.

It’s pretty rare to be killed by it – though it can seriously mess you up.  Only about 420 people have died from lightning in the U.S. in the past 15 years.  And close to half of those happened during just 10 different activities.  In fact, sadly, a teenaged girl was killed recently, by lightning, while she was swimming.  That’s why your local pool will close during a storm.

Here are the outdoor activities with the highest risk

1.  Fishing.  10% of all the deadly lightning strikes hit folks who were fishing.

2.  Relaxing at the beach, 6%.

3.  Camping, 5%.

4.  Farming or ranching, 5%.

5.  Riding a bike, motorcycle, or ATV, 5%.

6.  Boating, 4%.

7.  Gathering socially, outdoors, 4%.

8.  Walking to or from your home, 4%.

9.  Working on a roof, 4%.

10.  Other types of construction, 3%.

Soccer and yardwork just missed the top ten.  If you’ve ever seen Caddyshack, we might want to add golfing…  especially with that metal club.    😉

See the full story, here:   Lightning Safety Council

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