WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Talk to Your Dog Every Day.  Here’s Why.

According to, it’s good for both of you.  Mentally, physically, emotionally, you will both do much better than those who don’t throw each other this little “bone.”

  • Talking to Your Dog Improves Your Bond.  It is a powerful thing.  “The potential for a relationship, based on mutual love and respect is one of the main reasons why people adopt dogs in the first place.”  It brings you closer.  You build trust and loyalty.  The pup can tell you are specifically interested in its well-being, and cares for you, in return.  
  • Speech Can Be Interesting – Brain-Building.  If you drone on about the same old stuff, there’s a good chance your dog is barely paying attention.  Your familiar voice is often just a buzz of background noise, but they’ll start actively listening, if they hear a word they recognize…  like “treat” or “Daddy” or “outside.”  It may be non-verbal, but your furry friend will respond with actions, or even “speak.”  
  • Talking to Your Dog Is Good for Your Health.  It’s  cathartic…  Helps you work things out, with someone who won’t judge – who’ll love you, unconditionally – and will keep your secrets.  You suffer less anxiety, less depression.  That’s good for your body, too.  
  • Dogs Do Learn Through Repetition.  So, your BFF will understand more, the more you talk.  You and your dog don’t speak the same native language, but dog are expert linguists.  They’ve learned to adapt to life with humans, very much, by learning our language – not things like sentences or grammar; but they can easily catch on to your vocabulary.
  • It’s Not All About Spoken Language When Talking To Your Dog.  It’s the non-verbal, as well as the words.  You also use tone and body language to get your point across.  Your face makes specific expressions, which reflect your mood, “you wave your hands for emphasis, and your tone of voice is more honest than the words you say.”  Dogs know this. Tail-waggers can tell what kind of mood you’re in, by watching your face while you talk and listening to the slight changes of pitch in your voice.  There’s a difference between human and canine body language; but they put all the pieces of the communication puzzle together to accurately figure out the basics of what you’re thinking.

So, according to, “catching up,” each day, is really good for both of you.

Research says people who have conversations with their pets are highly intelligent.

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