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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER… On That Selfie. Don’t Use the Front-Facing Camera.

Study:  Photos Taken on Front-Facing Cameras Distort your Face and Make your Nose Look Larger
Taking selfies is so common, now, for lots of us (though, not everyone).  But if you are really into them, you might not want to take them with your front-facing camera.
University of Texas researchers have found that using the front-facing camera on your phone, to snap a selfie can make your nose look longer and wider than in standard photographs.
Here’s why:  On average, the nose appeared 6.4-percent longer in selfies taken from 12-inches away, and 4.3-percent longer in selfies taken 18-inches away, compared to photos taken with a digital camera.
Selfies also lead to the chin appearing shorter, and the nose appearing wider.
Study leader Dr. Bardia Amirlak says, “As the popularity of selfie photography increases, it is crucial to understand how they distort facial features and how patients use them to communicate.
[Plus, ] our findings provide data for manufacturers to improve the societal impact of smartphone cameras.  We need to increase awareness of how false perceptions on selfies may affect rhinoplasty requests, perceptions of self-image, and subsequent depression and anxiety.”
Researchers also note that requests for rhinoplasty – or “nose jobs” –  have surged, amid the popularity of selfies.  Imagine the cost you save by realizing your face is nicer than you thought.  Imagine the emotional cost you save…  even more important.
Maybe plastic surgeons should buy stock in these camera manufacturers…  But it’s a whole lot less expensive to just change the way you photograph your face.

Get a clearer picture, here:  (Daily Mail)

  • A study reveals that taking selfies with the front-facing camera on your smartphone from various distances can make your nose look longer and wider, and cause your chin to look shorter, compared to what regular digital cameras do
  • Researchers say this is a problem, especially for self-image, and could explain the uptick of demand for rhinoplasty (nose jobs)

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