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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Need to NOT CRY at a Tough Time? Here’s How.

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You’re about to cry… 

It could be during your performance review.  It could be the moment you take your vows…

It could be as you walk up to that table, to take that order, and the diner looks like your grandmother – who just passed away.

Well, there’s a way to stop that cry, and get the job done.

The book Instant Calm says that, if you want to stop your tears cold, clear your throat and swallow. 

This “clearing” interrupts the mechanism in your larynx and nasal passages which controls crying.

The act of swallowing will press your tongue into the soft palate, at the roof of your mouth.  That will make it impossible to cry.

This is the technique which experts suggest as a way to help brides and grooms get through their wedding vows.


What if you feel faint?  People usually do when their blood pressure drops, and blood pools in their extremities.  The fix?  Tense your abs, cross your legs, and squeeze your thighs together.  Tightening your major muscles forces large amounts of blood back to your brain.

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