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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Most People Actually Like Competing Against Coworkers – It Can Be Good

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According to a new survey, from Prodoscore:  Two-thirds of people say they like competing against their coworkers and knowing how they stack up.  And . . . they think that the competition makes them better at their job.


Do you secretly find yourself sizing up your coworkers thinking, “I’m better than him; I’m almost as good as her; I’m probably better than that one; oh, I’m definitely better than her; I’m STILL not sure how he got hired“?

Well, according to a new survey, commissioned by sales performance and time management software company Prodoscore., two-thirds of people say they really LIKE competing against their coworkers; and knowing how they stack up.

It can actually stimulate extra productivity.  When it’s good-spirited (which is most often), it can even improve morale.

And they think that the competition makes them better at their jobs.

The survey also found 80% of people, who have been working at home, this year, feel like they’re just as productive, or more productive, at home.

AND:  “67-percent of workers said they believe “active coaching” from their manager is more helpful than annual performance reviews…  while 54% clarified that they would actually be interested in replacing these reviews with coaching and regular engagement with higher-ups in the workplace.”

See the full story, here:  (New York Post)

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