WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Learn New Things from Someone You LIKE – Here’s Why
Study:  Your Brain Learns More from People You Like
Scientists in Sweden have discovered that we are more likely to learn from people we like.  Makes sense.  You did better in a subject, at school, if you liked the teacher, right?  
Researchers asked people to remember and connect different common objects, and found that they were more likely to remember information when it was presented by someone whom they liked.  It could come from an early survival skill, to trust those you know or love.  

Participants also found it harder to retain knowledge presented by someone they disliked.  Researchers believe this could play a role in how people think about politics.

We integrate information differently depending on who is saying something, even when the information is completely neutral,” Psychology Professor Mikael Johansson said.  “In real life, where information often triggers stronger reactions, these effects could be even more prominent.

From Study Finds:  “The new research aligns with past memory studies which found that people learn differently depending on the source.  According to the authors, people are more open to absorbing new information and updating previous opinions when it comes from a favored group.  This might be because these favored groups align with their preexisting beliefs and ideas.”

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