WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Is Your Work-Life Balance ‘Out of Whack’?
Tired businessman working late on laptop while sitting at illuminated desk in office

If it’s not the other way around, “Life-Work,” than it probably is…

8 Warning Signs Your Work-Life Balance Is Out of Whack

A good work-life balance is important; but it can be hard to accomplish, to keep work in check.

Here are some warning signs, courtesy of, that you may need to rethink how you keep that balance:

1) You aren’t getting enough sleep

2) You feel burnt out

3) You aren’t taking time off

4) You are missing events

5) Your health is suffering

6) You work on vacation

7) You feel like it is never enough

8) You struggle to find happiness

One career expert reminds us:  Work is like a container.  It’s got to have a top, bottom and sides; so that you can accomplish filling it up for the day or week, then do it again.  It shouldn’t leak or have no bottom.

You wouldn’t keep a bad container, if you could find a new one, or “recycle” / re-negotiate the current one.

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