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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Is It True – Can a Fake Smile Turn Real, Bring Real Happiness?

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Could the best way to get out of a bad mood be . . . pretending you’re in a good mood?  YES.

A new study, out of the University of South Australia, reveals that FAKE SMILING – even when you’re not happy – can trick your brain into feeling better.

It’s because our brains read the muscle movements from a smile – and the researchers say, quote, “that releases neurotransmitters, to encourage an emotionally positive state.”

And, quote, “When your muscles say you’re happy, you’re more likely to see the world around you in a positive way.”

There’s more to smile about, here:  (Study Finds)  


YES.  Even a Fake Smile Can Trick Your Brain into Feeling Happy

A new study shows that FAKE SMILING, even when you’re not happy, can trick your brain into feeling better.  It’s because the brain reads the muscle movements from a smile, and that puts it into a happier state.


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