FRISKY FRIDAY FARTICLES:  If You Sleep in ‘Invisible Pajamas,’ DON’T.  Here’s Why.
A Doctor Explains the Gross Reason Why You Should Never Sleep Naked
Sleeping completely in the nude might not be the best idea.  It has to do with something which my family has always called “farticles.”

Surgeon and YouTuber Dr. Anthony Youn says there’s a strong argument to be made for at least keeping some loose undies on, all night…  Especially if you love your partner.

In a video, he explains, “The average person passes gas 15 to 25 times a day, and this can happen while you’re sleeping.  And a scientific study proved that every time you pass gas, you are spraying a tiny amount of fecal matter. […] And that same study showed that your tighty-whities will catch all of these particles.  So for the sake of your bed partner, please sleep with your underwear on.”

In other words, “au natural” can include a little too much of nature.

Try this on, for more:  (Men’s Health)

  • A doctor says that you should at least sleep with your bottoms on in bed, as every time we pass gas we “spray a tiny amount of fecal matter” out of our bodies, and our underwear catches all of those particles
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